The Reasons Why Online Slot Gambling Is So Popular

The reason why online slot gambling games are so popular? Online slot games are getting more and more popular these days. This is because of the great convenience one gets from playing online slot gambling.

There are also various strategies that every player can adopt to play this slot gambling game, different from the conventional casino games played in casinos.

Why Are Online Slot Games Popular?
When it comes to casino games, one has to explore a very rigid strategy before he can actually win any prizes.

This is why people who play these online slot gambling games tend to run out of money. But when it comes to online poker slot games, one does not need to learn such strict rules.

Therefore, it is very possible for every player to win in this online gambling game. So how do you play your favorite online poker slot without any knowledge or description of this type of gambling? Don’t worry, because this post is here to help you.

One of the biggest advantages of slot gambling games is that you only need to find a trusted online gambling site and register.

After you register on a trusted online gambling site , all you have to do is choose your preferred betting system that will be used in online casino gambling games.

Online casinos always require you to register before you start betting. You also have to pay some money as a registration fee.

After you pay the registration fee, you are ready to start playing your favorite online poker slot gambling. All you have to do is choose the best betting system that suits your gambling style.

After you make your choice, you can now sit back and enjoy a gambling game that you definitely want to play.

With the advent of the internet and its online casino web, the concept of slot game gambling continues to be popular day by day, several websites offer this type of game at no cost at all.

However, you also have to make a deposit first to be able to start your favorite online gambling game

Trusted Online Slot Gambling
There are several advantages that come with online slot gambling, most of these benefits include the fact that there is no risk involved in playing this type of game.

You just need to deposit a certain amount of money for deposit and then enjoy the game without any financial risk, and you will also find the advantage of playing anytime, day or night, and as often as you want.

Online gambling allows the players to play against other people from all over the world. And with this method, you can meet people from all walks of life.

so you don’t have to worry about socializing with people near you. The reason why online slot gambling is so popular is because you have just entered an internet casino and enjoy your favorite online slot gambling game without having to make friends with your friends in real life.

Another advantage of playing online games is that you can choose from a variety of betting systems and strategies. Once you know the rules in the game, then you will be able to use them to your advantage in playing.

Online casino slot gambling is not regulated by any government authority. Therefore, you do not need to be afraid to face any form of formality or other legal and tax aspects.

Various Aspects of Playing Online Slot Gambling on Trusted Online Gambling Sites
Online gambling sites allow players to play these online games even if they don’t really understand. Once you master the concepts behind online slots, you will be able to win much more than the regular wins that can be obtained from conventional gambling.

Once you master the principles and strategies involved in online slots, you will definitely become an expert at playing online gambling.

When you start playing online games, you can actually learn about the basic strategies that can be used to win online gambling games.

You can also learn from experts who are always willing to help you. You may also have the opportunity to learn from the latest online casino idn slot news, which will enable you to master how to use the betting system efficiently.

How To Play Slot Machines Through The Most Exciting Slot Game Sites

Playing slot machine games through slot game sites is widely used by users via smartphones. The game is one of the games that is quite unique and interesting because it has a way of playing that does not make it difficult for users. so that users of the game can easily understand the game well. It is also a game that anyone can play. So that everyone can play the game without exception. For users who have never played the game, of course, they will experience some problems or errors that can be made when playing the game. This can of course be prevented by users by using some of the right ways to play the game. So that you can avoid possible losses and losses that you can get due to a lack of understanding how to play the game. Here’s how to play slot machines through available slot game sites.

Starting the Game With the Lowest Score
If you are new to the game then you have to start the game with the lowest score. This is of course because those of you who play as new users certainly need a little time to gain experience and to be able to conquer the plate machine, of course. By login slot188 starting with the lowest score, of course, beginners can be helped to learn the patterns in the game more deeply. So starting with the lowest score can make you play well, of course.

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Focus Playing On One Machine
In playing the game, you must also be able to maintain the focus you have in the game. One of them you have to focus on playing on only one machine in the game. So that you can have more abilities on one machine first until you feel capable you can try other machines. Because if you are still relatively new to playing the slot game site and you change machines, it will make you more confused and make you despair in playing the game.

Resisting Excessive Ambition
In playing the game you must also be able to withstand the excessive ambition that you expect in the game. By starting betting on the lowest score, of course, some players want to get a much bigger profit. But it’s certainly not efficient if you do. So you have to be able to withstand excessive ambition to be able to control yourself when playing the game.

Find Clearer Information On How The Machine Works
How to play the game, of course, you also have to look for clearer information on how the machine works. This of course makes you more familiar with the games that you will be playing, making it easier for you to understand every way of working on the slot machine that you are going to play. because in every slot machine game, of course, every machine used also has a different way of working. So those of you who play, of course, have to know how to work on each of the slot machines used to play.

By following several ways to play slot machines through the slot game site, of course you can run the game according to existing regulations. So that you will also get good results from the good games that you do.

Trusted Official Agents Diligently Present Big Bonuses

What makes official agents the choice of many players is not only because of the quality of service and level of security of their sites, but also because of the huge bonuses that are presented by the best agents. Bonuses can be likened to assistance from gambling agents daftar slot123 so that members are more enthusiastic about winning abundant wins later.

Although the bonus amount is not too large, but this can be a trigger for victory. You can save playing capital to get big profits. Even some bonuses can be obtained without the need to spend capital. Of course this is the main attraction in playing online slots because members are increasingly benefiting from the game.

The types of bonuses that are usually presented by trusted slot agents include new member bonuses, deposit bonuses, referral bonuses, cashback bonuses and others. Fortunately, on a trusted site, every player can get the bonus every day. As long as you meet the requirements, you will definitely get a profitable prize from the best agent.

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Not a few slot game players also make big profits thanks to bonuses from gambling agents. On certain days, for example, such as holidays, birthdays, independence days, members are usually given tempting gifts. Sometimes slot agents even give bonuses of up to 50% for their members.

If you want to get an abundant bonus, the main thing that needs to be done is to make sure you are diligent in playing slot games and make regular deposits. As a new member you are required to make a large deposit, so that the amount of prizes obtained is even greater.

Online Slots Are Easy To Win As Long As The Timing Is Right
Trusted slot gambling is a little different from other online casino games such as poker, dominoes, and others. In slot gambling, there are not many strategies that can be applied to the game. Because your playing opponent is not a human but a gambling machine. If the opponent plays human, then victory can be obtained by taking advantage of the opponent’s weakness.

Gambling machines rarely have weaknesses, because they have their game system designed. One way to beat it is to know the pattern of wins won. Of course, it is difficult to know the pattern of winning online slots because every time the pattern changes.

Therefore, in playing slots, you must carefully look at opportunities and make the right timings. Timing means that you play at the right time and place the right amount of bets. Gambling machines can be defeated by relying on instinct and accuracy.

So for those of you who want to win from slot machine games, then make sure to pay attention to the winning pattern and choose the best machine. If you are diligent in playing at trusted slot agents, the way to win is increasingly wide open.

Trusted Slot Agents Where To Play The Most Profitable Gambling

Every novice player is recommended to find a trusted slot agent first before playing gambling. The goal is that these players can achieve victory and comfort in playing. Bandar is a provider of facilities in playing. If the facilities are inadequate then of course it is difficult for players to bring out their best abilities when playing.

Nowadays various online gambling sites can be easily found on the internet. Even because there are too many players sometimes find it difficult to find the best agent among these sites. What is always prioritized when looking for a gambling site is that the gambling agent must be trusted, the game must be complete and the service must be satisfactory.

You could say that the best IDNSPIN site meets all these criteria. This most popular city is the number one slot site in Indonesia. On this site you can find gambling games with the most profitable jackpot prizes. The number of members has reached tens of thousands of people, and every member is satisfied with the service.

For those of you who are still confused about finding a trusted city, then you should join the site. It is certain that comfort when playing will be obtained and big wins are easy to achieve. Trusted dealers always try their best so that members feel more comfortable and profitable when playing online casinos.

Safety and Convenience are Top Priorities in Gambling
In playing slots, of course, every player has their own way to win the game. Many people don’t realize that comfort has a big effect on winning. When you feel comfortable and calm playing a gambling machine, victory can definitely be obtained easily.

Therefore, trusted slot gambling agents usually try as much as possible to present games that make members comfortable. Of course, friendly service and various assistance are provided so that members are more comfortable when playing. If the member is profitable, the gambling agent will also make a profit.

Not only in terms of improved service quality, but also providing games that are safe for every player to access. Of course, if the gambling is not safe, then there will be no members who dare to join the city. Security in gambling games includes account security and privacy data security.

The best bookies always apply the latest security technology on their official websites. Thus, it is unlikely that members’ accounts will be misused by other parties. In addition, data privacy is also strictly maintained. So you will be able to play comfortably without worrying about your identity being known by others.

Why It’s Important to Join a Trusted Slot Agent
Trusted slot gambling

In the internet world, trust is the main capital that must be held by everyone. Especially in the world of online gambling, of course trust is the main obligation. Joining vivo slot a trusted city will provide a sense of security for every member. Here are some reasons why it is very important to join a trusted bookie.

Rarely Is Cheating
If you join as a member on a trusted site, you can be sure that the games served are fair and sporty. The best bookies strictly prohibit all forms of cheating. You will not find slot machines that are set up. Thus, each player will have the opportunity to win from these slot games.

Gambling sites are often given the latest features
In addition to presenting fair and sportsmanship games, the best agents are also diligent in updating their game features. The goal is to make the gaming experience more enjoyable. IDNSPIN as the best site currently updates and adds new features to their site every month. This makes members more comfortable playing online gambling.

Diligently Hold Tournaments
The best sites are also diligent in holding online slot tournaments for their members. Tournaments are a place for members to test their abilities and a place to get abundant wins. Tournament prizes usually reach hundreds of millions of rupiah. so if you want to make a quick profit, participating in tournaments is the easiest way.

Opportunity to Learn from Professional Players
Another reason why it is important to join the most popular sites is because you will be able to learn directly from professional players. Experienced players will definitely only choose the best sites. If you regularly play with professional players, your playing skills will definitely increase, and you can master various slot game tricks quickly.

How To Register An Online Slot Agent On A Trusted Betting Site

To earn passive income from some online slot bets, bettors can register an online slot agent. Being an agent, of course, is responsible for inviting and recruiting many people to join and play online slots on certain betting sites.

The more people are invited to join and play the slots online, the greater the passive income. Therefore, it is not surprising that this online slot betting agent is quite tempting. On average, those who work as online slot agents have their own marketing strategies.

For agents to invite many people to join certain online jokerwin123 deposit pulsa sites. Then, for those of you who plan to become an online slot agent, then learn the first tips and tricks to become an online slot game agent.

Are you allowed to register as an online slot agent?
Not everyone has the opportunity to become an online slot site agent. Because, there are requirements that must be met before becoming an agent. This is because there is a choice made by the city to reduce the accumulation of employees.

In addition, the city as the manager of this online betting site only needs an online slot site agent who can market the website well. So you can increase the credibility of the site. Therefore, it is not easy to become an online slot game agent on a betting site.

Conditions for becoming a slot agent on an online betting site
Before you register as a slot game agent on an online betting site, you must complete several requirements first. For this reason, these are some of the requirements that you must meet before registering an online slot agent. Among them are the following:

First, you must become a member of an online betting site. After becoming a member on the site, you are required to actively keep playing slots within a week. After that, you are allowed to be presented as an online slot site agent on the site.

It has a wide relationship
Second, prospective online slot agents have at least much to know or relate to. There are many acquaintances or relationships, of course, facilitating the task of online slot game agents to offer many people to join and play online spaces together.

Have a quality gadget
And the last thing is to have a quality gadget. By using a qualified gadget, of course, this facilitates agents to explain or practice online slot games in front of Bettor candidates. If the agent explains in detail, people may be interested in joining.

How to register an online slot agent on a trusted betting site

After you state that you have met the requirements, then you can register directly as an online slot agent on the best online slot game site. First, call the customer service number on the betting site. Then, send a message with the intention of joining the online slot agent from the site.

Then, you aim to fill out the submission form as an online slot game agent. After that, you will get a special reference code. This reference code must be distributed to the candidate Bettor.

If any Bettor candidate joins your referral code, then you have the right to earn earning fees. The most prospective registrants unite using their referral code, the more revenue fees you get.

Tips and Tricks for marketing online slot game sites to Bettor candidates who want to join

It is quite difficult to market an online betting gaming site to bet on candidates who do not understand or know the joys of playing slots online.

Best Time To Install Easy Slot Game Bet

Slot game betting is very popular in Indonesia, many people are curious to try playing hockey on slot sites. Online Slots Game itself is a digital version of the slot machine game that was once found in Casinos.

In Indonesia, there are no slot machines that are played using real money, but only ordinary game machines with unique items. With increasingly sophisticated times, online gambling services are the best platform for betting enthusiasts.

Almost all game agents can be accessed and played for 24 years without time. It is this advantage that makes the gameplay worth using as an alternative to earning rupee chests in a fun way. In addition, players do not need to spend a large capital when they want to bet because there is a cheap deposit feature.

Reasons for choosing the right time to play slot game bets
Have you ever thought about when is the best time to play betting betting joker688 slot? As we know, gaming sites open a 24-hour service so that players can place bets at any time without operating hours. However, is there a best time when you can choose when you want to play garage slots to win?

Apparently, the selection of an adequate moment affects not only the win, but also the player’s advantage. There are certain times when online casinos will offer many attractive promotions. In addition, there are also certain times that will provide the opportunity to get bigger players than usual days.

The strategy of choosing the time to play this slot game bet has been widely applied by bigger players. They have their own criteria to enter the site or in the APK slot game, then install power. They even use tactics like this to determine the nominal bet to be played, whether to place a high or small bet.

The right time category for playing slot games.
The following are some of the best timing options for playing slot games according to professional players, including:

Beautiful day
Like during Christmas, New Year’s or the like, where the Slots Slots game offers more attractive promotions and bonuses. The benefits obtained by the Bettor here are free additional balances or the opportunity to make free spins. So it’s really high to jump on a nice day which can be several times a year.

Night till dawn
There are no game players who provide reviews that when playing at this time provide a greater chance of winning. Not only your chances of winning, but also the amount is bigger than other hours. This can be attributed to the crowd or the absence of the slot site you are playing on as they have an effect on the chances of winning.

Summer is more favorable
For this advice according to the revision of international players as it considers more benefits of summer. According to them, during this season, not many players are active, so the chances of winning are greater. Although the jackpot is not very big, the most important of the players can get it continuously.

Looking at this review, you can help the Beginner Bettor to choose the best time when you want to play slot games. Especially for those with limited funds, with the best time options who have the opportunity to get massive promotions from slot agents. The most important thing is that bettors should play tarsa ​​slot games only on trusted gaming websites.

Guide to Starting Playing Online Soccer Gambling

If you have completed the account creation procedure on a football betting site, you can start playing bets. How do I get started?

Compared to the visual display on a smartphone, accessing soccer gambling sites will be more effective if you use a computer. You will be able to clearly see the features and numbers listed on the game screen.

On the site page, you will see several types of betting markets available. Interestingly, online betting agents can mean that they provide a complete variety of bets such as mix parlay, over under, odd even, correct score and many others.

The player will first determine the ball market to be played. Here you can decide whether sbobet wap to follow the local or international market. After that the player must determine the type of bet.

Markets will be open until a few minutes before the match takes place. Oh yes, online soccer betting is quite flexible because players can choose whether they want to bet for half time or full time so it can be adjusted according to their needs.

Unlike online gambling in general, in soccer betting, the victory is determined based on the results of real matches on the field. So it is very unlikely that there is manipulation in it, so you don’t have to worry.

Some professional gambling sites already provide a live streaming feature of the matches you play for bets. If you manage to penetrate the guess score correctly then you will get a win according to the bet that was previously selected.

Interesting isn’t it? Now is not the time to play land gambling anymore. Register now on online soccer gambling sites and play your bets to get double profits.

Deposit Transactions on Soccer Gambling Sites

On the bolabet betting site, it is also played using real money. So that every player must know how to deposit transactions to increase the balance in the account which will later be used as gambling capital.

The good news is that professional online soccer gambling sites currently provide transaction services through local bank channels. These include BRI, BCA, Mandiri, CIMB Commerce and many others. Some have even offered a more practical and effective credit deposit service.

Before making a deposit, you should first find out the details situs judi bola terbesar di asia of the conditions. For example, such as the account number of the transfer destination, the transfer method, the minimum requirements for the transfer of funds and others related.

Official online soccer betting agents have provided a live chat feature on their site. So if you want to know about things related to transactions, you can contact customer service through this feature.

Tips for online gambling deposit transactions for beginners, make sure you always keep proof of transfer which is used for confirmation to the agent if it is necessary. In addition, do not deposit too much balance to avoid unwanted things.

How to Register for Online Soccer Gambling for Beginners

Are there many people around you who have succeeded in breaking through to big wins from the online version of soccer betting? If interested, you can follow these steps to create an account on the bolabet betting site:

Find a trusted betting agent

Indeed, there are many gambling sites that you can find on search engines. bandar bola online But not all of them are safe and worth playing. So make sure you register at an official and trusted gambling agent.

Access the site

Interestingly, professional football betting sites are HTML5 compatible. This means that you can access the site via PC, tablet or smartphone. Most gambling players now prefer to play bets via cellphones because they are flexible and practical.

Fill out the registration form

You are required to fill in the registration form with correct and complete personal data. Some of the requested data such as email, account data, telephone numbers and others as needed.

Complete registration

If the registration form has been filled in completely, you can complete the registration. Usually the site manager will verify the account first via the registered email or phone number. Wait for a moment.

Happy playing, after completing the registration steps on the online soccer gambling site above, you can login using the username and password that you have created.
If during the registration process there are problems or obstacles, don’t hesitate to contact the party through customer service. They are ready to help you 24 hours.

How to Register & Play Online Soccer Gambling for Beginners

Online soccer gambling has not actually entered the realm of gambling in our country for too long. Because in recent years there are still many people who are more interested in conventional gambling. However, seeing the various benefits that can be obtained from online gambling activities, people are starting to leave this old habit. Moreover, the acquisition of winning results from online soccer betting is much greater.

Starting from word of mouth, online soccer gambling is increasingly becoming a prima donna and its popularity is increasing sharply. It’s no wonder that people are increasingly interested and curious to register for soccer bets on online bookie sites. situs bola terpercaya This is what makes many gambling sites appear on the internet. Finding a football match betting service is also very easy, but you need to make sure that the agent is trusted.

Are you interested in playing soccer betting on the internet but don’t know how? In this review, we will provide an explanation of how to register and play soccer betting online. Especially for beginners, pay attention to the following steps.

Make a deposit on a football gambling agent

Playing on a soccer gambling site means that all transactions are carried out online where there has not been a deposit transaction. Is a deposit of funds used for betting and placed on the balance of the player’s own account.

Deposits can be made in many ways, such as bank transfer transactions, daftar situs judi bola resmi dan terpercaya using credit or credit deposits to the newest digital wallet or E-wallet using OVO, go-pay and funds.

Choose the market

After making a deposit, you can later choose the market because in online soccer games, there are lots of markets that players can enjoy with different types of bets and games.

Markets that are easy to play so that later the chance of winning will be greater than if you play on a difficult market, even if you still don’t understand the flow of the game.

After choosing the market, it means that you are ready to play and if you have difficulties, you can contact the livechat service or customer service provided by the agent. Every professional soccer gambling site certainly provides this service 24 hours non-stop.

SBOBET Soccer Gambling Agent

For those of you who don’t know what SBOBET is. It certainly sounds foreign when you hear a word like that.

What exactly is SBOBET? SBOBET is one bandar judi bola of the companies engaged in the world of online gambling and the main menu is soccer gambling.

This company is located in the Philippines, precisely in the city of Makati. SBOBET offers approximately 500 football betting exchanges that can be played all over the world every week.

After understanding about SBOBET. We can guarantee that you agen bola will intend to become a member in it and look for ways to become a member of it.

Especially for you football gambling lovers, because they will be willing to dig up a lot of information related to how to register for inasports88 or play online soccer gambling on the SBOBET site.

If you still think that the registration process on this situs judi bola sbobet gambling site is very complicated, then we say that this is a wrong statement. Because, in a very developed era like today.

Easy way to register SBOBET Member, Soccer Gambling Agent

Everything is much easier and more practical, including joining and playing soccer gambling on the trusted official sbobet site. How to register to play SBOBET you can do in a few steps.

These steps are quite simple and can be done agen sbo terpercaya whenever and wherever you are. So there is no need for you to waste time just to register. This process will not affect the activities you do next.

Basically, the official and trusted soccer gambling agent has provided an easy registration procedure.

SBOBET Member List Via SMS

For example, the procedure for registering yourself by way of SMS. Yes.

Here, there are ways that can be done and quite simple. Prospective members only need to fill in their data.

Such as, full name, account number, situs sbobet type of bank, account name, cellphone number, date of birth, email, or so on.

After you send the data format to the number belonging to the sbobet gambling agent you want to play.

So, later they will immediately reply to you and if indeed you have managed to become a member officially. You will receive an SMS reply containing your game account and password for you.

These are the advantages of reading articles on online gambling sites

Today’s soccer gambling games are increasingly found on the internet, which is still one of the best gambling games to date. why is it also among the best games because bets are sourced from the best soccer gambling websites, namely games that are international. Before becoming very well known, soccer betting site games were once very difficult to reach by the public because they could only place bets by players who had acquaintances with the participating official dealers. Betting Online Gambling Site

Seeing the number of fans of this game, Indonesia’s best soccer dealer has also developed this game system so that it is easy for everyone to reach by betting online. This secret has been guaranteed to be very easy because players can access the 368 soccer representative bureau via your computer or smart phone anywhere and anytime.

The efficacy of presenting the article on the trusted soccer gambling site 2019
to be able to place bets with online cata, players are advised to look for the agen sbobet soccer gambling agency which is the best soccer website. In this situation, the biggest soccer bookies in the sector play a major role for you, because it’s not just for making deposit transactions. Even though the soccer betting site is again able to provide online soccer list tips, it will give you information so that you can easily place bets.

Most betting guidelines can be provided by legitimate football betting messages to encourage players to place bets and watch the vur-vuran market. The latest football gambling web can also leave news about the football gambling trick list that can highlight your knowledge, again, this information is not easy to see with the naked eye because it is not important.

Well, on this occasion, we as admins can also provide some of the profits that you can get after explaining the article on the soccer gambling licensing website. notice below. Check it Out:

get news and news about football.
Before making a soccer bet, it’s better for you to find out and relate information starting from the football team and club that you can hold later. You can find out the last condition of the team, this factor can be used as material to calculate the nominal bet that can be placed in the soccer betting money market. With this article, you can avoid the city’s traps.

grab the order of the recipe to execute the BET.
In the field of online football gambling. play tips can be very very very support you to get glory together lightly Not only get positive artificial, play instructions are willing to be very helpful to gain great benefits in watching the football market together for sure.
Get recommendations for Indonesian soccer gambling websites
This is still something that is really needed by some betting enthusiasts. because you can avoid being sourced from websites or fraudulent messengers that will soon be scattered in the pursuit of GOOGLE. If you are not magical about visiting such websites, then it will be an advantage for you when you are looking for a solution to run a list of legal soccer gambling sites so that you can get recommendations from the written page.

Will it be OPEN To The Moon?

Bukalapak has officially opened its IPO in Indonesia and tomorrow (6/8) will be ready to take the floor on the stock exchange with the stock code BUKA. Recently, our market is also being hype related to technology, so with this OPEN IPO, we are also enlivening the technology trend.

The IPO of Bukalapak is in great demand by market players and even said to oversubscribe. However, many also say that the valuation of OPEN is already expensive and then they say that Bukalapak is not as busy as other e-commerce and rarely uses the Bukalapak application. Is that true? Will the dealer slam the price when listing it? Let’s review it here

How Expensive is OPEN?
Talking about valuation, there are actually many ways that can be used, the valuation metric that is suitable for OPEN is to use EV/Gross Profit. First of all, we know what EV is?

EV or Enterprise Value is a measure of the total value of a company. EV is more detailed in showing the true value of a company compared to market capitalization which tends to fluctuate following market prices.

Then, many also say that if you want to do a valuation in e-commerce you use EV/GMV, then why is OPEN the most suitable for using or EV/Gross Profit instead of EV/GMV?

In Bukalapak, GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) calculates the total gross transactions. Why dirty transactions? because transactions that are canceled after checkout from the cart are still counted in the total transaction automate trading.

We need to know, the difference between GMV and transactions that actually occur (already paid) in Indonesia can reach 30%. Therefore, the use of GMV is less relevant to use for Bukalapak’s valuation, because even in accounting records, OPEN uses the TPV benchmark compared to GMV

Compared to talking about the top line, how about we look at the use of EV/Gross Profit which is also used by various e-commerce companies in other parts of the world. By using Gross Profit, it has taken into account selling expenses, so it is fairer to calculate the valuation and compare it with competitors in similar sectors. We can see below that there is a comparison of Bukalapak’s EV/Gross Profit with its peers:

EV/Gross Profit Comparison

For the record, Jumia is eCommerce from England and MercadoLibre e-Commerce from Argentina, which of course is in better economic condition than Emerging markets like Indonesia, so if we look at the comparison, Sea Ltd and Shopify, Bukalapak’s EV/Gross Profit value is still far below it, which means compared to its peers. Bukalapak is still quite cheap. Moreover, seeing the potential for E-Commerce in Indonesia which is starting to creep up, the potential for growth in Indonesia is still quite large compared to countries in the west which are more mature than Indonesia.

On the other hand, Bukalapak itself uses EV/TPV to evaluate. TPV (Total Processing Value) is the total transaction that actually occurred. Looking at the table below, the EV/TPV value in 2020 is lower than in previous years. This means that in terms of valuation, Bukalapak’s EV/TPV is quite cheap.

Bukalapak Financial Highlights

In addition, looking at the Bukalapak business segment that contributes to TPV, it is still dominated by the Marketplace segment, and if we look at the graph below, the TPV of the marketplace and partner segments for the past 3 years has always been increasing. This increase has the potential to increase revenue, because Bukalapak’s revenue is derived from a commission (take rate) from every transaction that occurs.

Bukalapak Total Processing Value (TPV) (IDR Bn)

You Don’t Use Bukalapak? This does not mean that Bukalapak is not used in other parts of Indonesia.
Because many say they rarely use the Bukalapak application, what will the prospects be? If …

Bukalapak has officially opened its IPO in Indonesia and tomorrow (6/8) will be ready to take the floor on the stock exchange with the stock code BUKA. Recently, our market is also being hype related to technology, so with this OPEN IPO, we are also enlivening the technology trend.

The IPO of Bukalapak is in great demand by market players and even said to oversubscribe. However, many also say that the valuation of OPEN is already expensive and then they say that Bukalapak is not as busy as other e-commerce and rarely uses the Bukalapak application. Is that true? Will the dealer slam the price when listing it? Let’s review it here

How Expensive is OPEN?
Talking about valuation, there are actually many ways that can be used, the valuation metric that is suitable for OPEN is to use EV/Gross Profit. First of all, we know what EV is?

EV or Enterprise Value is a measure of the total value of a company. EV is more detailed in showing the true value of a company compared to market capitalization which tends to fluctuate following market prices.

Then, many also say that if you want to do a valuation in e-commerce you use EV/GMV, then why is OPEN the most suitable for using or EV/Gross Profit instead of EV/GMV?

In Bukalapak, GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) calculates the total gross transactions. Why dirty transactions? because transactions that are canceled after checkout from the cart are still counted in the total transaction.

We need to know, the difference between GMV and transactions that actually occur (already paid) in Indonesia can reach 30%. Therefore, the use of GMV is less relevant to use for Bukalapak’s valuation, because even in accounting records, OPEN uses the TPV benchmark compared to GMV

Compared to talking about the top line, how about we look at the use of EV/Gross Profit which is also used by various e-commerce companies in other parts of the world. By using Gross Profit, it has taken into account selling expenses, so it is fairer to calculate the valuation and compare it with competitors in similar sectors. We can see below that there is a comparison of Bukalapak’s EV/Gross Profit with its peers:

EV/Gross Profit Comparison

For the record, Jumia is eCommerce from England and MercadoLibre e-Commerce from Argentina, which of course is in better economic condition than Emerging markets like Indonesia, so if we look at the comparison, Sea Ltd and Shopify, Bukalapak’s EV/Gross Profit value is still far below it, which means compared to its peers. Bukalapak is still quite cheap. Moreover, seeing the potential for E-Commerce in Indonesia which is starting to creep up, the potential for growth in Indonesia is still quite large compared to countries in the west which are more mature than Indonesia.

On the other hand, Bukalapak itself uses EV/TPV to evaluate. TPV (Total Processing Value) is the total transaction that actually occurred. Looking at the table below, the EV/TPV value in 2020 is lower than in previous years. This means that in terms of valuation, Bukalapak’s EV/TPV is quite cheap.

The Best Ways to Choose the Best Online Slot Website

The Best Online Slot Website is a city where you can play online slot gambling games via mobile that are trusted and certainly profitable. In general, we can all say that a gambling site is a place that provides convenience in playing the latest slots in the List of Trusted Online Slot Gambling Sites . If we all want to register a slot account at a gambling agent, of course having to choose the best website is very important.

Of course, in choosing the best slot gambling site slot joker88, every player must know all the provisions and conditions that apply in online slot games. We also need to be able to understand some of the criteria for the best and most trusted online slot agents. Well, here I will tell you how to choose the best online slot agent.

The Best Ways to Choose the Best Online Slot Website

Tips for Choosing the Best Online Slot Website
As a beginner player in general, surely you already know all the characteristics of whether the agent is a trusted one or a fake. Here are some simple ways.

Choosing from Recommendations
To choose the best agent, you can immediately join the real money slot game with the help of recommendations. Whether it’s from friends, family, or anyone who has experience in the field of gambling later. In short, the help of this recommendation will also be a determinant of the best slot site which is very helpful for all of us.

All of you can also register for online gacor slots in the slot gambling forums that exist directly. There we can also ask all things related to online slot gambling. Because there have been so many people who have been asked for recommendations about the best and most trusted slot agents today.

Views Playground
If we arbitrarily been getting a recommendation about the agency Gambling Online Slot Jackpot Largest existing official, it is necessary to also check by visiting the site. This check is quite important for you to do. Make sure the appearance on the agent’s site is attractive and very professional. Because in terms of the appearance of the site, a trusted agent must have an attractive and more professional appearance. The appearance of a trusted agent site must also be easy to understand and not confuse members. So that every player will find it easier to access and feel comfortable playing online slots.

Pragmatic Slot Agent – Before playing slot games onlin

Pragmatic Slot Agent – Before playing slot games online to get a lot of profits, you are required to find a slot game site that has high quality. The site is ready to provide quality bets, how to make online slot bets to be able to profit easily.

Pragmatic Slot Agent
So, as soon as possible to find the game site so that you can make slot bets comfortably and safely. Don’t worry about having trouble playing the game because there is customer service to accompany you. You will be guaranteed to feel at home to continue to fight with these pragmatic slot agents every day.

How to Find Pragmatic Slot Agents on the Internet
Pragmatic Slot Agent on the Internet
If you take a quality online slot game site slot joker88, you want to find it easily. Then you can do the method of finding which we will convey below. This way it can keep anyone from getting stuck on the wrong game site and make the game free of errors.

The first way, is required to find a game site that has provided many advantages. The proof is that when you become a part you are given various rewards directly.
Rewards and registration for example, with these rewards guaranteed playing the slot game. There are even other rewards with huge amounts. Based on the bigstake has been awarded the bet. Another advantage of playing on words is given as long as you have joined a quality gaming site.
It is mandatory for you to find the type of slot game that is proven to be of the quality of the slot game. This is seen by the number that provides a lot and it can be selected using only one account. Free to choose and the system plays it effectively.
Game bettors who have joined are guaranteed not to have any disturbances. Which is fully supported by a very strict security system. Make sure everything runs without any problems. Everything is just set to play it can get a lot of wins.
How To Get An Account To Play
If you have found a quality pragmatic slot agent type by playing all of the above, the next way is to register on a gaming site. The method is very easy by entering the main page and then filling in the provided fields. Must be filled in completely, adjust it with this one info.

Thus, you will be accepted as an official bettor. But you have to wait a while until you get confirmation. If it already exists, immediately activate the game account, don’t forget to fill in the modular so you can play slot games using real money, you can usually download this game via Google Playstore .

If you already have an official account and want to play slot games, it is very profitable. Then the best tips should be applied. The point is that the best way itself is to install the main modular, starting from the smallest first. Even determine the card issued by looking at the cards that have been issued and the number of cards held.

This way, it will be very easy for you to control how the card will be issued. Then the more the same numbers, as well as consecutive colors with the same card, the greater the chance to get a lot of wins on every bet of the game that is played.

Make sure that game bettors continue to learn about how to play slot games so that it is very easy to win on every bet. Make sure to play it with a quality slot game site. Not even a few game bettors are willing to spend just a little money to play trusted slot machine games to get rid of boredom and fatigue during daily activities.

However, with the help of trusted slot machine dealers, game bettors can easily place bets and play games, easily profiting for free. You can also make profits easily. One of them is the quick registration process, you can easily play games anytime and anywhere, and even get lots of bonuses and promotions provided by online slot game sites.

If you play a slot machine using real money online from the game site selector. It is certain that you will get a bonus given the slot game agent, but choose to use the jackpot slot method to play slot machines on the best sites. Game bettors can easily get daily bonuses, cashback promos, as well as rolling bonuses, and referral bonuses.

When the slot machine is officially launched, game bettors can feel various comforts and services because they are guided directly by the CS section who has experience and is trusted to make it easier for game bettors.

Get various advantages and ease of use by registering slots online with a jackpot bonus , bettors don’t have to spend a lot of money to make bets on slot machines. By using a smartphone, you can play all games easily and safely with a very cheap minimum deposit. That’s what we can share, regarding online slot games. Hopefully you can find the best and most trusted pragmatic slot agent

The Best Online Slot Gambling Site Not Slots 2022

Games from online slot gambling sites clearly have many things that are quite interesting for players to feel and use well. In addition, the player will also get a lot of things from this online gambling site. Obviously, you can also use pragmatic online slot gambling games based on gambling games that are good enough to play.

This gambling game will clearly provide a lot of things that are enough to provide something that is widely used by players to play. For this reason, sometimes the best games will clearly provide something and an impact that is quite interesting to be used and even enjoyed by players who use gambling sites from these online slots.

Hundreds of Gambling Games Available on Online Slot Gambling

You need to know that when playing with this gambling, the player will find hundreds of these hundreds of games available. Of course this will be able to give players to get a game that is quite diverse to use when playing. Therefore, players will be able to try various things from hundreds of games available here, as a playing tutorial you can also download this slot gambling game in the pure apk application .

1. Great Gino Megaways Gambling Game

There are some free games that you can use later when playing. There is one thing you should know why it is important for players to use the slot joker88 gambling game. There is one thing that makes this game look interesting and challenging for you to use. The gameplay of this game is certainly quite interesting and reliable so that it makes players who play at great ghino Megaways enjoyed by some others.

2. Irish Charm Gambling Online Slot Games

Not only that, the next game is also quite available on this online gambling site. Irish Charm is also a game that can make it easier for players to be able to play with the Irish charm. This game has also been tested for you to be able to use when playing, even this game is quite recommended to play.

Provide Many Themes Available for Player Play

This game also has many themes that players can play. Of course, with this, players will be able to find many games that will be enjoyed when playing. Therefore, players can also pay attention to several themes that are available and can be used when playing this online gambling to play online gambling from the gambling.

1. Challenging Theme for Pragmatic Gambling Player

When playing with this online gambling site, later players who play will be able to enjoy the online gambling. Of course, for players who play, later you can pay attention to themes that are quite challenging for players to use. So that it will certainly be very useful to help them when playing.

2. Fun Round theme at Pragmatic

Not only the Fun theme, which is enough for players to play. Later this theme will also provide a theme that is quite happy for the players who use it. For this reason, this Fun theme will clearly provide quite an interesting theme for players who play pragmatic online slot gambling .

Attractive Game Designs for Players to Play

Of course, players who play with online gambling, those who play will also find a game plan that you can use to play. Of course, by creating a design, players will be able to understand and draw a game that is quite useful for players to play. For this reason, players who play with this gambling will greatly assist their process in running this best game.

1. Security Plan Provided for Player Play

For those of you who want to play in the realm of online gambling, of course, players who use online gambling will be able to understand various security plans that you can use when playing. Therefore, those of you who play will certainly be able to feel a game design that is quite good and even provides the best experience for you to play.

  • Security in Pragmatic Online Gambling Account Profile

The design of this online gambling game site will certainly be very useful because it will be able to secure a profile account to be used. This security system can certainly provide a good enough design for players to get and use properly. For this reason, players who play will get the best security.

  • Balance Security for Playing at Pragmatic Gambling

When playing with pragmatic gambling, of course, you can get a balance security. Of course, this will clearly provide something that has quite a good impact on the security of the balance that can be enjoyed when playing with the pragmatic gambling.

2. The Most Developed Game by City

The next thing you can also understand the games developed by the bookie. For that the players who play with this online gambling. Of course, these pragmatic online slots can provide many things that can be obtained by players who use them here.

Slot Games From Pragmatic Play Are Fun To Play In 2022

Slot games from Pragmatic online with various other games provided are very easy to play and win easily too. The game that will be played, not only one game that can be played, of course, various games in it can be played, just by using one user id only.

Slot Games From Pragmatic Play
So no need to do the list many times. Because one user can play many games.

User Protection User ID Slot Game from Pragmatic
Many games will provide the opportunity to win very easily, there are no difficult words to play because it uses a modern server and will be faster when playing it, will not experience the slightest disturbance. You’ve played slot games online and of course are very familiar with online slot games for sure.

From a number of game agents who have prepared slot games, of course you have your own choice to play it. In this game you will find comfort when playing games on sites that can give you huge wins. Not only about this, account security will also be strictly maintained on the game site.

Of course, safety and comfort are a priority. And surely every game bettor doesn’t want to be fooled by fake and unofficial gaming sites. This must be avoided by game bettors because it will provide losses to players. So you have to be smarter in choosing a slot joker88 game site online, especially choose a game site that has very tight protection, because protection is also very important for us to pay attention to.

What kind of account security does every game bettor need? On the comfort side of playing the game, of course, it can be seen from the game bettors who feel victory. Of course, when protection is maintained with very tight security, game bettors will very easily get lots of wins.

The official and trusted site will provide security for your game account. The account owner has an obligation to the account he owns and has full rights to protection both in terms of security and comfort. This trusted gaming site does not reset casual game bettor accounts.

Of course, the conditions must be met so that the game bettor can take his account again. The provisions given to game bettors are not something that is difficult, but in order to maintain the security of the account. Sometimes it scares and doubts beginner bettors who want to start playing slot games online, especially those who are still afraid, they should first see how the slot games are played.

Many game sites are now spread over the internet, so you don’t need to be confused about which one to choose, choose a game site that has strict user account protection, then you will be safe to play it. You have to be smart in finding and looking at the requirements including on online slot game sites. For those of you who are still beginners, you don’t have to hesitate to play the game because there are many trusted and official game sites.

Security Information on Pragmatic Online Slot Sites
You can look for trusted gaming sites from various articles that recommend official and trusted game sites with strict security. If you ask if there are currently trusted gaming sites and of course you can play right away.

Make sure you choose a really trusted and high-quality gaming site. For trusted slot game sites, of course, they have features to make it easier for you to browse them. On a trusted slot game site , of course, there are lots of references and those references are a very good thing, if the site is referenced a lot.

Then there is no doubt for those of you who play it. You can look for online gaming sites that have active game bettors and lots of them, not only creating an account but having to be really active in playing in it. Regarding service, it is certain that they are very friendly and can provide comfort for every game bettor.

When I make a transaction, it is very easy, there is no difficulty at all and of course it is very fast to process, the server used is also the best server. Game sites that have security protection of course provide attractive promotions and prizes.

Of course, given to game bettors, because all of these promos have been prepared, the service will certainly be very comfortable throughout this non-stop 24 hours, prepare your preferred contact so you can confirm the customer service.

Believe that the winnings will definitely be paid out. There are various characteristics that you can take into consideration in choosing a trusted gaming site, one of which is having strong security and tight protection. Because this is numbered on every official and trusted game site.

This is the information that we can convey to all bettors, especially for beginner bettors, be careful in choosing a gaming site. Hopefully the information we convey is useful and can help to find official and trusted sites that still maintain the security of slot game accounts from Pragmatic so that you can play safely and comfortably. Good luck and lots of wins.

The Most Popular Pragmatic Slots In 2022

Playing with games that are quite popular is indeed something that players who use them often want. Even not only that, there are several games from pragmatic slots that attract a lot of players’ interest to use.

Pragmatic Slots
Of course this raises a lot of their curiosity about the game from online gambling.

Therefore, the player also needs to understand some of the games that are quite popular and are widely used by players to play. So that later they will be able to get something that is quite good and suitable for playing. Therefore, the player must also understand various things about a game that will later be used to play.

List of Games Popular Among Players
Of course, when you start playing with online gambling sites, players will be able to understand some of the list of games that you will use when playing. Later players will also be able to feel this game so they can use it when playing it.

1. Fishin Rhels Judi Gambling Game
The game that you can use to play for the first time is Fishin Rhels, a game that is very interesting and can even be said to have a charming theme for you to use. Therefore, players can try to attract your interest to play with this online gambling so that Fishin Rhels will be able to help players to get a lot of money.

The use of the theme that is carried is quite attractive to players
It is necessary for players to understand about the online gambling sites of this game. The players who play will certainly be able to get something quite interesting for you to use. For example, the use of the theme used when playing. Later the use of this theme will be able to help the player to get a fun game arena.

Fishin Rhels Game is Very Easy to Use
Pragmatic slot joker88 in Fishin Rhels gambling will also make it easier for players to play games from online gambling. What you even need to know is that Fishin Rhels will really help the player in playing in this online gambling. So even new players will not find many problems they face when they want to play it.

2. Money Rolls Online Gambling Game
Then on this gambling site, later the player will be able to enjoy the game from Money Rolls gambling for you to use when playing. There will be many things that are provided for players when playing with the game. Therefore, there are many players who also try the game from the Money Rolls game so they can play.

Money Rolls Game Provides Challenging Game Arena
Money Rolls gambling game games will, of course, provide many things that are quite interesting for players to play. Those who use this pragmatic gambling site. This game from Money Rolls will be able to provide many things for players when playing. So that they will be greatly helped by the existing game scheme.

A lot of money in the game money rolls
Many Cuans are also waiting for players to play with the online gambling system. Later the players who play with this game will certainly be able to get a lot of money that will be obtained by the players to use to play. Therefore, players who use the Money Rolls game must be prepared to get a lot of money waiting for you, to play this game you can download it on the google play store

3. Lady Off The Moon
The game that is no less interesting is lady off the moon. This game is always given to players who will play using pragmatic gambling sites. Of course, this game from lady Off the moon will provide something quite interesting for players to use when playing a pragmatic gambling site. So you will be able to pay attention and understand the various things that are provided.

Lady Moon Gives Big Win Chance
The big chance to win is clearly wanted by the players who will play. Later those of you who will use the game will be able to understand the opportunity to be used. Lady Moon herself will certainly be able to give players the opportunity to earn quite a good profit.

Lady Moon Provides Advanced Facilities for Players
Players who play with online gambling sites from pragmatic slots will obviously be given various facilities that are quite complete and sophisticated to play. This fairly sophisticated facility is clearly something new enough to be enjoyed by players who will use the game system of the online gambling to be used to play.


In recent decades, online games have become one of the world’s largest industries. Millions of people regularly have to be on various platforms and if you are willing to make it happen, so is it

Online slot games are enjoyed by hundreds of people all over the world and have been around for years. Sејаk оnlіnе slot реrtаmа mulаі mеnаwаrkаn lауаnаn mеrеkа mеlаluі іntеrnеt, bеntuk реrјudіаn іnі ѕеmаkіn рорulеr.


It’s now easier than before to play, and you don’t even have to leave the house. Playing on online slot sites can be very fun, and of course, there are also opportunities to win a large amount of money.

It’s also super easy, even if you’re not very proficient with computers, and it’s also very safe. Apart from these facts, the idea of ​​playing online for real money can be very scary for some. That’s why we introduced this online slot.

In our slot guide section here, we’ll take a look at you all you need to know to enjoy playing slot joker88 games on the web. This recognizes a collection of useful articles that feature the services offered by online slot gambling sites and others.

These articles accept bonuses and gifts that you can benefit from quite a bit, and are usually quite common You can take a closer look at each of the articles below, along with the close links.

further down the page, we have offered a step-by-step guide to joining the online slots, however We have also determined our best to play online.

Online Slot Banking with Traditional Banking

One thing that is lacking in online slots compared to brick slots and traditional machines is the house. If you’ve seen some of the audition films, then you know what we’re talking about.

The bustling crowd, the clang of slots, and the smell of money in the air is something that can’t be in the оlоl slots. not yet. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun inside, you just need to adore your ecta. If you are visiting online slots wish to spend some time playing your favorite game and maybe allow some money, please

What are the Basics of Online Slots?

The spine of the user and the online slot are various web platforms, which are called online slots. Here are all the di-hоt games and where you can play against the slots or other games. To access this, you will need three things: a device (computer, mobile, or tablet), a powerful, powerful internal connection.

The first thing you need to do is create an account and deposit a large amount of money in it. This will give you the option of choosing between games and placing bets. From this point of view, it is almost the same as traditional ud. sometimes your luck is brought directly to your account and you always have the option to check it out or, sometimes it’s bad

Selecting a Slot

Perhaps the most important option you can make as a pilot is which slot to choose in the first place. There were a queen of them and they all looked almost the same to the uninitiated. Faced with a working website, all of the present are surprisingly easy, but not yet.

Luckily, you have several resources that can help you make that decision. For example, you can visit the online site and review the reviews of all the well-known online slots and have done well.

please see the general review, general review of all the bonuses offered slots, details about the ban, and Armed with all of this, choosing a slot will become a much easier game.

Are Online Slots Legal and Licensed?

Online slots which already own the license and are subject to the regulations and monitoring of the government agencies controlling the inspections. This information has to be seen in them and if you can’t find it, sometimes it’s usually possible

There are lots of these out there waiting to take your money and you shouldn’t make it easy for them. Apart from that, in some countries it is illegal and you can do bad luck with the best slots sites alone . In the end, all countries have their own flying flats.

In most of them, you have to be 18 years old, but sometimes it is necessary for you to grow up regularly. Online slots do regular checks, but it’s up to you to know what the laws are in your country.

Online Slot Games

For the most part, online slot gambling offers games that are the same as traditional ones. You can play оker, blаkјасk, and roulette, either against a commuter or against another customer. However, their bread and butter are online slots. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from only three simple rolls to kоmео kоmео and lgrоt.

The one commonality they have is that it’s easy to learn and doesn’t require a matrices degree to be fine. not necessarily mean оkers and blасkасk, which forced them to keep a close eye on the usual complicates.

You can find online slots after a few rounds. Italy is one of the secrets of their орularіtаѕ in between аrа еmаіn and why they are usually on a regular basis

How to Choose a Place to Play a Slot Game

One of the challenges you will face is choosing an online play area. This is not an easy change to make. There are dozens of online slots maybe a queen. Some good, some bad, some in between.

a large number of websites respond to this request with general assistance, ерее еее еее, and they serve regularly That’s all important; there is no doubt about that.

but for the most part it’s outside keeping the slot afloat and it’s not so important for normal and normal Because for other reasons you are in the slot if not to play the game.

And that complicates a lot of things. even though the slots offer great switching, when you dig deeper, you usually give it a try.

So, you can take the time to play online slots with big bets and big results too Enough of our reviews about online slots . Have a nice play.