How to play soccer betting handicaps is not difficult, but to make it easier to play, you also have to know the terms in online bandar judi bola terpercaya soccer betting such as the following:

Full Time (FT)
Full time in a match.
Half Time (HT)
the first half or half of the match.
Numbers are commonly used as a measuring tool in a match.
Home (H)
Designation for the home team.
Away (A)
Mention for the visiting team
In addition to voor in this handicap bet, you also have to be good at reading the existing market odds, because the amount of the winning fee is based on the odds in this handicap bet.

Odds have 2 types, namely there are those that have a minus symbol (-) and some are not, where the differences are as follows:

-> Ac Milan VS Juventus (-1,60)

If you place a bet on Ac Milan for IDR 100,000 and lose, the loss you get is 1.60 x 100,000 = IDR 160,000, and if you win, the profit you can get is IDR 100,000.
-> Real Madrid VS Levante (1,60)

If you place a bet on Real Madrid for IDR 100,000 and win, the profit you get is 1.60 x 100,000 = IDR 160,000, but if you lose it means that you lose IDR 100,000.
If you understand what odds are, then we will start explaining the types of voor-voorans that you really need to learn in this handicap online soccer betting , so that you can more easily apply how to win playing the handicap that we will provide later.