Slot machine gambling is a type of game that definitely exists in Casino gambling houses. Slot machines are compatible with poker gambling. It’s just that the two are different rules. In poker, people prefer to play it because there are challenges regarding intrigue and trickery while playing. While on a slot machine, one prefers to play because it offers fun without having to think hard. Slot gambling depends more on luck.

His luck is clearly visible when it comes to guessing the type of symbol and on which line the symbol will appear. The symbol will be played by the slot machine before it stops and shows the symbol that the player guessed. This is where the role of luck is very visible. Now, because there are many enthusiasts, now slot machines are not only available in casinos, but are already available online. You can access it via the vvip96 webpage One of the online slot machines that can be accessed is the slot feature and slot bonus. What’s the difference between the two?

Feature Slot Online
Perhaps feature slot names are not as popular as other slot machines such as classic slot machines and multi -line slot machines. Naturally, because in fact feature slots are not separate slot machines, but slot machines that combine other types of games into a slot machine.

Therefore, once a player has placed a bet and guessed which symbol and line the player has selected, the player will spin the slot machine by pressing a certain button. Now when the button is pressed and the slot machine is spinning, the slot machine will bring a new game as long as the slot machine is spinning. Players can choose whether to play the game or not.

Because generally the types of extra games offered on the slot feature are easier, so many players take up these extra games. These additional games can be used to double the betting capital. Well, some additional types of games are available on the slot feature, for example card games, dice games, guessing games and so on.

918kiss provides all kinds of extra easy -to -play games. For example, a dice game, your job is to guess whether the numbers that come out are odd or even after the dice are thrown. Really right?

What are Bonus Slots?
In contrast to feature slots that offer other types of games when the player presses the play button, bonus slot game players will get a bonus when the player wins a bet in the maximum amount or wins all guesses of symbols and lines.

For example, a player places a total of 5 coins, if the result is 5 coins wins, then a bonus feature will appear to increase the player’s winnings. Bonuses can be played by players for free and with very high performance wins.

Who Wins More?
If you compare between slot features and bonus slots, it is clear that the two of them have differences. Especially to get a chance to enter feature slots and bonus slots. To be able to insert a feature slot, it is simply done by rotating the slot machine. While able to enter the bonus slot must win first.

That is, the chances of getting bonus slots when gambling slots are quite difficult. While getting the slot feature is very easy. It’s just that if you can get a bonus slot, then the chances of getting more bets are wide open. Unlike in feature slots, where you still have to play extra games with a 50:50 winning percentage.