Well then maybe many of you want to know what are the advantages of online soccer betting article writing services offered by us by SBOBET for igaming articles that can indeed be produced. Of course, there are various advantages and disadvantages of online soccer betting article writing services that we offer to all of you who order online betting articles with us or online games. Well, some of the advantages of online soccer betting article writing services that we have and we offer include the following:

Articles are written manually – articles we write using manual articles do agen maxbet not use Spinner or other applications. This means that the uniqueness of the articles that we make can be accounted for.
Articles pass copyscape – then every article we write is guaranteed to pass copyscape so that it will then be safe in search engines. Each particle is attached with proof of the results of passing the copyscape.
Keyword Position – Article writing is also based on the placement of keywords in the right position. Anyway, the position of the keyword is placed SEO friendly.
Using Search Intent and SERP Intent techniques – Before writing articles, we do research first on the keywords you ordered. Search intent is more on the visitor point of view and SERP Intent on the search engine point of view.
Use of Keyword Framing – In the article structure, especially for review articles or on-page, we use the technique of using keyword framing in the sub headings. In articles backlinks can actually be done. Minimum article should be 600 words.
Insertion of LSI kw and kw derivatives – Articles written are also inserted with LSI keywords or also derived keyboards as an addition so that the article is rich in keywords so that it can index a lot or add queries.
Each article is accompanied by a meta-description – then also in each article we include a description. So you don’t need to create your own Meta description..
(Can also) be accompanied by pictures – articles can also be accompanied by pictures if you really want that. However, for each image there is an additional fee of IDR 1,000.
The suitability of the content or the content of the article is also guaranteed to be in accordance with what is actually. We use trusted sources to serve as a reference for writing articles.

What is the price for online soccer betting article writing services?
Then what is the price for the services of an iGaming theme gambling article writer that we offer? For the price of online soccer betting article writing services, it is actually guaranteed to be cheaper than what is offered by online soccer betting article writing services elsewhere. The price of the online soccer betting article writing service that I offer is the same price from the hundreds of clients who have ordered it. This means that each family gets the same price with each other. How much it costs?